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Life is a never-ending journey and so is your career. You will always be a Work In Progress, so we believe it’s most important to enjoy the journey to your goals and dreams. At WIP Creatives, we want to help you live a life of impact while leaving a footprint on history with the work you do.

We are a boutique agency for women influencers from all walks of life – from movie stars, to fitness gurus, to motivational speakers. Since we offer a niche service, we only take 10 clients on at a time so that we are able to fully focus on each individual.

At WIP Creatives, we strive to help you find your own voice through three distinct steps:

  1. We help you discover your full potential,
  2. Create a strategy to present yourself in the right manner, and
  3. Set it all in motion by creating original content for you!

With a strong team of professionals from all around the world and with decades of combined experience in brand development, we have the expertise to consult with you on culturally appropriate, time relevant, and individually purposeful marketing strategies for you and your business.

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What We Do

Career Coaching & Mentoring Discover your full potential!

The first step in the process is to guide you in developing your image and what you stand for. We will go through a series of specialized exercises and briefs that will enable us to work with you to materialize your career goals. Everything we do will be tailored to your industry and your needs.

PR & SM Strategy Let us deal with that!

Our PR experts plan and strategize with you on how to best present your image in the public eye. This includes your impressions across print, online and social media outlets, as well as public appearances.

Content Creation The world is your stage!

Let’s have fun and show the world who you are! Our team will assist in the conceptualization and organization of photo and video shoots. We realize the importance of original content and will also utilize our WIP Creatives network to allow you to capitalize on brand integrations.

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